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How We Work

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We Identify & Evaluate

Network of 3,500+ Professionals, 100+ startups, and growing.

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On average, we meet with 5 companies for every 1 search we choose to represent. Our role is to handle the legwork, rather than aggregate everything available. We carefully select searches by meeting with startups, conducting in-depth assessments of their vision for the Product, Design, or Marketing org, and selecting those that truly value a user-centered approach.

Then, we create a detailed synopsis specific to each company’s team, product vision, hiring plans, and interview process. We call these Opportunity Briefs.

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On a weekly basis, we publish new Opportunity Briefs featuring startups that have engaged us, which are circulated to a pre-qualified group of our growing professional community.

All of these startups are actively hiring but we are a resource built for those here as curious spectators, in addition to individuals actively looking for the next, long-term move.

Network or Interview

At your leisure

The purpose is simple: help uniquely positioned startups effectively communicate their vision for scaling the organization.
In turn, we are saving Professionals countless hours by offering the depth of upfront information they previously had to interview to receive.

Good people always want to meet the best in their space, so the expectation we set on both sides is purely exploratory - if you’re intrigued, grab coffee or have a call. No pressure.

The Bench Concierge

Here if you need us

We are available when you’re initially learning about the opportunity, to help coordinate meetings, answer specific questions about timelines + compensation, and everything in between.

Our role is to make the introduction, provide you with concrete feedback throughout the process, and offer insight into steps to come - our Internal Recruitment team specializes exclusively in the Product & Design space and remains available via real-time chat on a daily basis to keep the process moving efficiently.

Why The Bench?

We are a recruitment & discovery platform envisioning a new standard in talent acquisition.

We believe in a relentless pursuit of impact and are guided by a fundamental philosophy that people don't take jobs, they join missions.
Our role is to make the connections that propel businesses and lives forward, inspire missions, and achieve goals.

As a Creative, you have invested countless hours in meticulously crafting a portfolio or body of work that demonstrates your creativity, contribution, and impact - you deserve a human-centered search experience in return.

Our job is to ensure you know about the right opportunities for your career. Sometimes those are with our clients, other times its companies & teams we know well but don’t personally represent. We focus on surfacing the best role for each individual and delivering a more effective way to connect you with the relevant people in your space. 

Learn. Collaborate. Grow.

The Opportunity Briefs

Where does Design sit in the company and who are the people on that team.

How does this role contribute to decision making, what exactly will you spend your time doing, and who are your close collaborators.

What is the time investment required to go the distance in this process and what insight will you gain from each interview.

Quick facts on Executive Team, fundraising history, company size, history of Design, and upcoming growth plans.

What is the DNA of that team and Design Leadership, how is Design valued within the organization, and what’s the relationship with Product.

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